Dr. Simon Thomson

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Postanschrift:   Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Englisches Seminar
D-44780 Bochum
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Email:   simon.thomson ~~~AT~~~ rub.de
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      I am exploring textual production, readership, and reception in late Anglo-Saxon England. By considering how texts are presented, how they may relate to one another, and what meanings these presentations and connections may have had in England at the time of production and first use, I hope to move towards understanding how meanings were made and some aspects of how scriptoria functioned in the period.

      My current research focuses on the fantastical story of St Christopher, a monstrous saint who became very popular in the tenth and eleventh centuries. I am working on the transmission and adaptation of his story, with the intention of starting to understand how interpretations and uses of his legend may have varied between different communities.

      I have recently completed a PhD at University College, London, titled Towards a reception history of ‘Beowulf’ in the context of the Nowell Codex, British Library Cotton MS Vitellius A.xv, so have published and spoken a lot over the last few years on Beowulf, its manuscript, and the reign of Cnut the Great. I have also spent the last five years working as a School Improvement Specialist in Nigeria, focused on improving Federal, State, and Local government support to and understanding of classroom capacities and needs as part of ESSPIN, a UK government funded programme.


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