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Each month, staff and students of the English Seminar introduce books they enjoyed and wish to recommend. If you'd like to post your favourite book, please write to

April 2018

Burkhard Niederhoff

Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood Burkhard Niederhoff recommends Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood (1996): "A historical novel about nineteenth-century Canada, a murder mystery that will keep you turning the pages, and a profound statement on sexual exploitation, currently known as 'me too.'"

Roland Weidle

Go Between by L.P. Hartley "At the moment I am reading L.P. Hartley's The Go-Between (1953), a gripping story about a few days in the life of a 12-year-old boy and his initiation into the adult world. Great coming of age novel, beautifully written. In a way the male counterpart to Katherine's Mansfield's The Garden Party (1922), where a young girl of about the same age experiences a similar rite of passage. Striking parallels to Ian McEwan's Atonement (2001)."

Evangelia Kindinger

See What I Have Done by Sarah Schmidt Evangelia Kindinger recommends What Have I Done by Sarah Schmidt (2017): "Murder spectacle in 1892! Did young Lizzie Borden really kill her father and stepmother with an axe? Sarah Schmidt's interpretation of the real-life mystery doesn't offer answers. She doesn't have to. She rather haunts her readers with an eerie atmosphere and shocking revelations. If you like gothic and sensational literature (and angry women) - read this."