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Each month, staff and students of the English Seminar introduce books they enjoyed and wish to recommend. If you'd like to post your favourite book, please write to

July 2019

The ShallowsAnastasiia Shulepova recommends Nicholas Carr’s The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains (2010):

“Nowadays, it is very important to keep thinking critically about things which we use every day. Everyone spends up to 9 hours per day on the Internet, writing e-mails, watching videos, working/studying or communicating with others. But we don’t think what happens inside of our heads. The author offers to imagine our brain as an extremely flexible muscle that changes due to our actions and lifestyle. For example, the more a child practices to read, the better they will become at reading. The phenomenon of flexibility of the brain is a great gift that allows people to acquire different skills during their whole lives and it also helps them to recover in case of injuries or insults. This happens only when we fulfil certain routines, have a healthy lifestyle, practice thoughtful reading or learn something new, but what happens if a person practices internet surfing instead? This book in an understandable language explains from the biological point of view why the internet is not only beneficial, but also extremely dangerous.”